Thailand is a pretty secure location – if you’re practical. however a rented motorcycle is the maximum commonplace way to get into a problem.

Do I want a License to ride a bike in Thailand?
in case you want to power a car or ride a motorbike in Thailand, you may need to have absolute nerves of metallic to live to tell the tale emotionally and physically.

Thailand fees second within the global for road fatalities in line with capita, at the back of Libya. during the 2016/17 new year vacation duration, 478 humans died in street accidents in one week.

You should have a license – one from domestic (nice paired with an worldwide motive force’s permit) – or you can get one in Thailand, and it has to be for the magnificence of car you’re proceeding to hire.

in case you don’t have a motorbike license again home, you do not magically collect one with the aid of flying into Thailand. hundreds of visitors each year hire a motorbike and experience around Thailand totally unlicensed. it’s unlawful.

you’ll want a riding license from your house us of a if you want to lease a motorcycle or automobile. however, in case you do now not have an international license or a Thai license, you will be using illegally.

What in case you’re stopped by way of police? yes, you may normally pay the police officer off for a few dollars, now not that we endorse that! however you need to check out our manual to bribing police and find out the going rate for traffic offenses.

The reality that the shop rented you the bike with out asking for your license, doesn’t imply you don’t need one. it’s no longer their responsibility in case you don’t test out the local regulation.

What about a Scooter under 50cc?
other than the truth no one must be seen on a scooter with a stitching gadget engine for propulsion – you continue to need a license; it is handiest in a few european international locations that licenses aren’t required for below 50cc engines.

however absolutely everyone’s Doing It!
Tens of heaps of site visitors each 12 months rent a motorcycle or scooter, experience round unlicensed and break out with it. it’s unlawful.

Many vacationers file ticking the motorbike container on their international driver’s permit. If the policeman who stops you isn‘t fooled, you may pay a “excellent“, after which he’ll permit you to pass to your merry manner. this does not suggest you’re driving legally; you’ve got simply prevented the regulation via paying a bribe.

you can maintain on driving regardless, however what when you have a crash, and also you need to call in your tour insurance? it’s pretty straightforward; no valid license approach you’re riding illegally and you’re not covered.

in case you attempted that “all and sundry’s doing it!” stuff in your mother, we’re pretty positive she’d need to recognize if you had been going to jump off a cliff if each person else was doing it. So concentrate to your mom.

Do I want tour coverage to journey a bike in Thailand?
if you do not have a legitimate license in the usa where the twist of fate occurred, you are using illegally and you are no longer covered. in case you’re now not certain, give us a name.

You cannot insure in opposition to illegal hobby. that also consists of now not wearing a helmet in which it’s compulsory (Cambodia, Thailand, Bali) and using below the influence of drink or capsules (everywhere).

If the shop helps you to hire a motorcycle with out asking for your license, it doesn’t imply you don’t need one. again, it’s not their obligation. it’s yours to test neighborhood legal guidelines before you go.

Am I blanketed if I Injure Myself on a motorbike?
harm from a bike coincidence is one of the maximum not unusual claims obtained by way of insurers.

Don‘t be fooled, the insurer will take a look at when you have a legitimate license (forging that global allow isn’t searching so smart anymore).

don’t Be an fool along with your very own protection
here are some tips to keep you safe at the same time as on the road:

put on a helmet – ideally full-face.
put on protective clothing – lengthy trousers and a jacket of robust cloth. flip-flops, a t-shirt, and shorts don’t rely as strong. We realize it’s tough when it is stinking hot and humid in Thailand, you are simply zipping lower back from the seashore!
put on gloves – the majority placed out their arms to shield themselves within the occasion of a fall, even on a hard bitumen avenue coming near at 30mph (50 km/h). Ouch!
do not speed, drink or do tablets and experience.
do not experience at night.
in case you do become in a crash, whether you are at fault or not, in case you are a farang (traveler), the twist of fate is your fault. do not combat it, but negotiate to keep the charges down.

Going to give the motorbike a leave out now? There are plenty of other delivery alternatives in Thailand.

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