What you need to know before rent a motorbike or scooter

So that you’re thinking about using motorbikes in Thailand for your subsequent excursion? and you’re maybe thinking what to anticipate, or even what your possibilities are of surviving or even maybe enjoying the experience? We’ve been doing it for 4-5 years now, so I notion it is probably useful to percentage my 10 pointers for renting a motorbike in Bangkok.

riding motorbikes in Thailand isn’t always like riding one at home. Even when you have plenty of using enjoy, hiring a motorbike in Thailand may be very tough at high-quality, lethal dangerous at worst. in case you need evidence of this, appearance no in addition than the “bike graveyards” in locations like Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, wherein they save lots of motorbikes and scooters badly broken in road accidents – many concerning overseas tourists.

So my first tip is don’t use Thailand as a place to learn to experience a scooter or bike. It’s very tempting to do that, because in most elements of Thailand you don’t need any form of licence to rent a scooter. And due to the fact all people seems to be using one, it looks like it can’t be too tough. however it’s miles. The using bit isn’t tough to get your head around as scooters almost ride themselves, but surviving in Thailand visitors takes quite a few awareness and skill and isn’t always something you need to take lightly. What you need to go home with out of your excursion is good reminiscences and a sun tan, no longer bad accidents, a huge high-quality or a damages invoice you can be paying off for years.

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