Motorbike & scooter rental in Bangkok. One of the foremost exhilarating things regarding returning to Siam is that the chance to rent and ride a bike. Not solely it’s improbably reasonable, cost accounting as low as one hundred fifty Thai monetary units ($8 USD) daily, however, it’s conjointly a wonderful thanks to severally explore the city. Here’s everything you would like to grasp regarding the way to rent a bike in Siam.

The variety of motorbikes offered for rent in Siam is astounding. We’ve seen everything from goofy scooters, snug cruisers, to powerful motorcycles. And what’s nice is that they’re cheap and improbably straightforward to rent.

Although we tend to own our own motorcycle in Chiang Mai, we’ve had a many experiences transaction a bike throughout our Siam travels. Our initial time transaction a bike was once we initial visited Chiang Mai on our honeymoon over 2 years past. Since then we’ve conjointly rented one in Harkat ul-Mujahedeen capacity measure, Koh Chang, and even on our recent road trip in Laos.

What to Bring to Rent a Motorbike in Thailand

Most motorbike firms don’t raise to visualize proof of a driver’s license, and a few don’t even raise if you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle before. As long as you’ll be able to turn back from their look while not falling over or bally into one thing or somebody, you’re as free as a bird.

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