One of the most exhilarating things about coming to Thailand is the opportunity to rent and ride a motorbike. Not only it is incredibly affordable, costing as low as 200 baht  a day, but it’s also an excellent way to independently explore the town. Here’s everything you need to know about how to rent a motorbike in Thailand.

what to bring to a motorbike rent.

  • Passport
  • Contact information , such as a Thai telephone number or address/hotel
  • Cash 200 or more for the bike and 2000 for deposit
  • Motorbike driving experience  

What to expect from a motorbike rent 

  • Helmets are provided
  • Discount for loyal customer 
  • Motorbike insurance
  • Copy of passport 

Motorbike safety

  • Wear your helmet! The majority of motorcycle deaths can be prevented if drivers and passengers wore helmets
  • Take a taxi if you have been drinking because if you ride the bike it may cause an accident
  • Cover up! wear more then just a shirt and a pair of shorts , this does not save you from road rash

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  • Xadrian6 January, 2017 - Reply

    Whoa, things just got a whole lot eaiser.

    • admin19 February, 2017 - Reply

      Call my number 0994478489

  • fabian11 February, 2017 - Reply

    hello, do your motorbike for tomorrow? thanks

    • admin11 February, 2017 - Reply

      Yes I have it , can I have you number?

      • admin11 February, 2017 - Reply

        0994478489 my number
        thitiwat0990 id line

    • admin11 February, 2017 - Reply

      Yes I have it 0994478489 call my number or keep me your number I call you back

    • admin11 February, 2017 - Reply

      Yes I do

      • admin30 March, 2017 - Reply


  • Shuba28 March, 2017 - Reply

    Dear admin,
    Do you provide services like delivering and/or pickup the bike to the hotel where I stay? And are you open on weekends?

    • admin30 March, 2017 - Reply

      Yes I do l’m open everyday 0994478489

  • rain2 April, 2017 - Reply

    hi, do u have any others contact number that i could possibly text u or contact via whatsapps or line. thanks

    • admin1 May, 2017 - Reply

      0994478489 sorry

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